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Hello, and welcome to Coastway!

We are a radio station bringing a wide variety of programming to patients in care settings across Brighton and Hove, and beyond our boundaries via the Internet.

The site is currently under construction, so some things may change, even while you’re viewing the site. But whilst we’re crossing T’s and dotting I’s, why not take a look around, and have a listen by clicking on the ‘Listen Now’ button at the top of the screen (if you’re using a computer) or at the bottom (if you’re using something a bit smaller).

And if you want to be a part of what we do, please click here to find out about volunteering.

If you’re having trouble listening using the website player, please try one of the links below:

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A massive thank you to the following companies who have supported us, either financially, by providing services free of charge, or otherwise providing help and support so that we can carry on broadcasting. We are very grateful for your kind contributions.

Our Hospital Coverage

If you are a patient (or the relative of a patient) at a different hospital, you are more than welcome to tune in and enjoy our programming, but there may be something more relevant to you on a station dedicated to the hospital you’re in. Across University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust, these are:

Your local station is Seaside Hospital Radio, which you can listen to by visiting their website, here.

Your local station is Chichester Hospital Radio, which you can listen to on 1431AM or online here.

Your local station is Mid-Downs Hospital Radio, which you can listen to on 1350AM or on their website, here.